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How Will I Know You? New novel coming December 2016

"Jessica Treadway draws her characters into an impossible knot and then expertly teases it apart. The question of what really happened to Joy kept me up half the night." -- Ann Patchett, Orange Prize-winning author of State of Wonder and Bel Canto

On a cold December day in northern upstate New York, the body of high school senior Joy Enright is discovered in the woods at the edge of a pond. She had been presumed drowned, but an autopsy shows that she was, in fact, strangled. As the investigation unfolds, four characters tell the story from widely divergent perspectives: Susanne, Joy's mother and a professor at the local art college; Martin, a black graduate student suspected of the murder; Harper, Joy's best friend and a potential eyewitness; and Tom, a rescue diver and son-in-law of the town's police chief. As a web of small-town secrets comes to light, a dramatic conclusion reveals the truth about Joy's death.

"Sometimes a book pulls you in so deep that it's hard to let go. HOW WILL I KNOW YOU? is such a book. A mystery story, yes, but more than that, a compassionate, wise study of humans under pressure. I read furiously to find out the truth about the central crime, and I read slowly to savor Treadway's many stunning insights. A wondrous book!" -- Robin Black, author of Life Drawing and If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This

Jessica's last novel, Lacy Eye, published by Grand Central Publishing in 2015, became a Target Book Club pick in 2016. Inspired by a murder case in the author's hometown, it is the story of a mother torn between love for her daughter and the desire to learn the truth about a family tragedy.

"An intricately plotted psychological thriller." The Chicago Tribune

"Deftly plotted... a devastating portrait of a family torn apart from both the outside and within." Publishers Weekly

"An excellent exploration of the agony that often accompanies parenthood." Kirkus Reviews

"Great characters, a smart plot, full of heart and feeling. Brilliant." The London Sunday Mirror

"Ominous... feels like true crime... intrigue behind every glance and unfinished sentence." Booklist

"A heart-banger of a thriller." Saga


"Deftly plotted psychological thriller… Treadway paints a devastating portrait of a family torn apart from both the outside and within." -- Publishers Weekly
Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
Booklist's Top Ten Debut Novels of the Year
John C. Zacharis First Book Award