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How Will I Know You? People Magazine's Book of the Week

Of How Will I Know You? -- published December 2016 -- People writes, "Treadway combines intense suspense with a smart take on 21st-century adolescence, parenting and justice."

More commentary about the book:

"Jessica Treadway draws her characters into an impossible knot and then expertly teases it apart. The question of what really happened to Joy kept me up half the night."
-- Ann Patchett, bestselling author of Commonwealth, State of Wonder, Bel Canto

"Treadway's thoughtful mystery explores the aftermath of a young girl's murder and the effects her absence has on those closest to her. Joy's body is found a month after she goes missing and was presumed drowned. Her parents and best friend, already in mourning, are now faced with the additional fact that she was strangled. When the interim police chief arrests one of the few black men in town because of a single witness, the consequences take their toll on everyone: the accused, his lover, the chief's daughter and her husband, and Joy's best friend. Told out of chronology and through different characters' voices, with sections titled "Before," "After," and, finally, "During," the novel steadily composes a poignant portrait of Joy fragment by fragment, but despite being the center of the narrative, she is not the central character. The focus is more clearly on her friends and family, exploring how they are able to find redemption and peace as they come to terms with their loss. Though it can be read as a mystery, the book is more truly a set of complex character sketches revealing deep flaws and human weaknesses but also examining how people live with their most devastating mistakes. The secondary theme of society's casual racism seems timely, and Treadway does a good job gently exposing the divide that still exists in our country, especially at times of high tension. In the end, this is a novel about relationships and the conflicts between friends, parents and children, husbands and wives that we all must navigate every day. The murder is just a catalyst. Nuanced, probing, and honest. Well worth a read." -- Kirkus Reviews

Jessica's last novel, Lacy Eye, published by Grand Central Publishing in 2015, became a Target Book Club pick in 2016. Inspired by a murder case in the author's hometown, it is the story of a mother torn between love for her daughter and the desire to learn the truth about a family tragedy.

"An intricately plotted psychological thriller." The Chicago Tribune

"Deftly plotted... a devastating portrait of a family torn apart from both the outside and within." Publishers Weekly

"An excellent exploration of the agony that often accompanies parenthood." Kirkus Reviews

"Great characters, a smart plot, full of heart and feeling. Brilliant." The London Sunday Mirror

"Ominous... feels like true crime... intrigue behind every glance and unfinished sentence." Booklist

"A heart-banger of a thriller." Saga